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Now that you've seen our video, you know the other side of the story — the side that often goes unheard.

Since 77% of bites come from a dog your kids may know and love — how do you protect them? By teaching them. And by keeping your kids safe, you're keeping dogs safe too.

We're 2 dog–trainer moms with 4 kids and 5 dogs between us — and we're here to help! Since we know you hate nagging as much as we do, we've created some hip music videos to do the hard work for you. They’ll teach your kids exactly what they need to know and they're so much fun they won't even know they’re learning.

Just scroll down. Click. Play. Print. Smile — your kids will be safer now.

Dogs desperately need you to listen.

Although they're amazing at dealing with what a family can throw their way, they still may need your help. Kids can sometimes be scary to dogs because they're KIDS — more unpredictable, more unruly, more uncoordinated and way more likely to get in a dog's face than most adults. So to keep them safe, it's YOUR job to watch and listen. Dogs use their whole bodies to show you how they're feeling.

Make sure the dogs around your kids are ALWAYS comfortable. Be a hero and at the first sign that they're not — give them a break! Move your child far enough away so that the dog can relax again. After all, if no one is there to protect dogs, they're left with no choice but to protect themselves — and that's something no one wants!

Check out this video to understand the very FIRST signs dogs show when they are becoming uncomfortable.

Make sure your kids watch this video too! Help them understand what dogs are saying and teach them the most important skill: WHEN TO STAY AND WHEN TO WALK AWAY. If you keep pointing it out, over time it will just become second nature to them. Not only will they understand your dog (if you have one), but knowing what dogs are feeling will keep them safer around the other dogs they meet too.

Dogs are no different than the rest of us.

No matter how hard we try, there still can come a point where we just can't take any more. But dogs don't have a voice, that's why you need to be a hero for them!

Listen to them. Help them. Protect them.

It's not only the key to staying safe, it's the key to becoming best friends too.

You can STOP THE 77.

Whether you're teaching your own kids, your grandkids, nieces and nephews or even your neighbor's kids who swing by from time to time — YOU are making a difference!

And if you're an trainer or an educator — why not become a presenter? Spread the word in schools, libraries and shelters!

So now that you have all

the info you need, take our quiz and find out…

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